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If you like riding bicycles in the Springfield and Eugene area, but want to come inside then try out this spinning class! This group fitness class is a huge calorie burner that will help you get and stay in shape! This hour long cycling experience brought indoors is sure to make the legs burn and the sweat to flow. Enjoy energetic music and a positive group atmosphere as you get all the benefits of interval training on a spin bike with this spinning class serving Springfield and Eugene. RIDE ON AT PURSUE FITNESS!


Cycle consists of ten tracks which resemble different speeds, terrains, and intensity levels to develop an effective interval-based workout. This class will allow you to ride at a variety of speeds, resistance levels, and cycling positions to give you the most effective workout. Don’t worry about falling behind–everyone can ride at their own pace. As your conditioning improves and you want to challenge yourself, crank up the resistance! This cycling class is perfect for men and women with or without spinning experience or new exercisers looking for simplicity and the ability to work as hard as they want in a class. It’s also great for cyclists looking for an indoor, off-season, or bad-weather-day cycling option. The ten tracks have a specific training objective in this spinning class:

  1. Ride – No wasting time.  Once you arrive to at this spinning class, jump on the bike and begin the ride! Say a few hellos to your fellow gym members as your legs start to cycle. Warm your body up as you are shown the various cycling positions and techniques that will be utilized during the hour.
  2. Terrain – Now the workout really starts as the intensity level picks up. The terrain may be  flat, hilly, or maybe a mix of both, but you know you are in for a good time at this group exercise class.
  3. Roll – At this time we bring down the pace, but not the intensity. Rolling hills keep the physical intensity rising while making the feel of the ride more like a strength-training workout.
  4. Intervals – Need to work on your endurance? Intervals are repeated working sections, with short recovery periods.  Interval cycling training pushes you toward higher intensity to increase your endurance.  Now you can out ride other people from Springfield and Eugene.
  5. Chase – If you hate losing then this is the track for you. Push yourself, get winded, and challenge your fitness! The first physical peak of this spinning class challenges your endurance by motivating you to break away from the group.
  6. Spin – No matter what exercise shape you are in, everyone gets tired. Here is a chance to reign in the intensity and catch your breath. However, if you want to challenge yourself even more now is the time to pick up the pace with some quick pedaling to grind it out before the climb.
  7. Climb – Uphill we go as strength is needed and gained by this track. Here is where you get the most results of this spinning class as you challenge yourself to reach the top of a mountain as quickly as you can.
  8. Sprint – Only four minutes to go! Give it all you got in a sprint to the finish line. You will be exhausted, but thrilled you made it.
  9. Celebrate – Now you can give yourself a pat on the back while you cool down with an easy spin.  You made it through a group fitness class and are wanting to come back for more.
  10. Stretch – Time to recover and relax from your cycling experience with some stress reversal for your muscles to make sure you will be ready for the next spinning  class.


Absolutely! If your goal is to improve endurance, lose weight, sweat, burn fat, shape and strengthen your lower body and have a great time doing it, then Group Ride is for you. This spinning class is for all people in the Springfield, Eugene area with differing levels of exercise experience.  It does not matter what fitness level or exercise goals you have since you control the pace of your ride by adjusting your own speed, positions, and bike during class.

This spinning class is perfect for:

  • Men and women, conditioned or out of shape
  • Those with or without spinning experience
  • New exercisers looking for simplicity and the ability to work as hard as they want in a spinning class
  • Avid cyclists looking for an indoor, off-season, or bad-weather-day cycling option
  • Anyone trying to do something different to stay in shape
  • Anyone looking for a low-impact option to build cardiovascular fitness
  • Let’s face it.  It rains a lot in Eugene and Springfield so any cyclist who just wants to come indoors and take a spinning class
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