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Height and weight are not enough for an in-depth assessment of body composition. What about the compartments of fat, muscle and water? Now you can measure and analyze your body composition with the SECA mBCA 514 at Pursue Fitness. The mBCA 514 is a medical Body Composition Analyzer, and is considered Gold Standard equipment meant for high end sports and medical facilities. If you want to obtain a truly meaningful BIA measurement (bioelectrical impedance analysis), then the body measurement scale at Pursue Fitness is the perfect place to start.

FREE for Plus & Premium members and $5 for Basic members per session.  You will have access to the body composition machine in a private and comfortable setting and instant access to the analysis report via a convenient swiveling touch-screen display.  All results from each scan are saved and accessible for printing by the Pursue Fitness staff.  Members utilizing personal training will have access to the scale for FREE.

Body Composition Test Includes

Fast Scanning Results
Reliable Precise Measurements
Easy to use Touch Display
Weight Measurement
Body Fat Mass Measurement
Body Skeletal Muscle Mass Measurement
Body Water Measurement
Auto BMI Analysis
Body Composition Report