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How do I get started?

Pursue Fitness hosts a handful of well-qualified, independently contracted fitness professionals. Simply click on the “Request Assessment” button and our management will help connect you to a personal trainer. Whether your goal is improved athleticism, a change in body composition, more accountability to take care of yourself–you name it–a personal approach to training can get you there.

What Is Semi Private or Small Group Training?

Semi private training involves 2 or 3 people training at the same time with one trainer. This still provides you with a lot of direct, one on one time with the trainer, but makes training more affordable.  If you need other people to push you in your training journey or enjoy sweating with your friends you can also get a small group together for training.  Please see one of our trainers for details.

How Do I Pay For Personal Training?

Training sessions are sold by the session through our Point of Sale and require club membership. Your personal trainer can discuss pricing as that varies by trainer and service.