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Pursue Fitness has personal trainers who are warm, engaging people who strive to be the best leader they can be for our gym members. They learn from each other and grow as professionals while fulfilling our Training Mission. Our personal training mission is to lead our members and community in the pursuit of a great life.  A great life means physical freedom and confidence! For many of us, personal training is a great way to get the extra coaching and accountability we need to achieve that freedom and confidence.

Options & Pricing


Personal trainer and client.

One session = $50

4 – 7 sessions = $48/session

8 – 11 sessions = $46/session

12 or more sessions = $44/session


Personal trainer and 2 or 3 clients.

One session = $40

4 – 7 sessions = $38/session

8 – 11 sessions = $36/session

12 or more sessions = $32/session

Small Group

Personal trainer and 4 to 8 clients.

One session = $15

4 – 7 sessions = $13.50/session

8 – 11 sessions = $12/session

12 or more sessions = $10/session

How do I get started? Email to set up a consultation. In your consultation, your personal trainer and you will discuss your health, background and the specifics of what you would like to achieve. If body composition change is part of your goal, we can establish some starting points through a quick test including an easy body composition diagnostic. We will then do a movement assessment and a short workout so we can make the best recommendation for your personal training program moving forward. Personal training consultations are free and you are under no obligation to commit to a personal training package.

What Is A Personal Training Session Like? Each session typically lasts 30 – 50 minutes. When you train with us, we keep your exercise program fresh and challenging, but always safe. Our personal trainers encourage you to come to your sessions while at the same time working with your schedule to ensure flexibility. You will train in a positive environment with a personal trainer who has all the tools to help you reach your goals. We take your journey seriously: come experience what our team has to offer!

How Do I Pay For Personal Training?  Training can be purchased by the session through point of sale or billed to your membership account.   If trainers are available, we also allow drop-in sessions which are sold in person at time of training.

Manual - Personal Training Lead

Auto - Personal Training Lead